Concert Days

Being able to perform confidently is one of our aims when training musicians. Each term in the Leeds area we hold a concert day for our students and the concerts are relaxed and fun for all concerned. The tutors are there to support and encourage the pupils. The concerts include solos, ensembles and groups.

Concerts are for all age groups and there are special sections for the higher-grade students, diploma students and adults.


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The barrier to so many talented, musical and sensitive instrumentalists becoming players is the hurdle of overcoming stage fright - they could be producing beautiful music for us all but do not dare!

At Roundhay Music the aim is to help the students play to an audience early in their development, so it becomes a natural part of music making. They are encouraged to participate in regular concerts in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

No student has to perform but any one who finds it really difficult on his or her own and wishes to play, can join a group, chamber ensemble or play a duet with a friend by their side.

Confidence is gained by playing pieces of their own choice that they know well.

Enjoyment comes when self-conscious feelings disappear and the students realise what pleasure they are giving to their audience through their music.



 "I wanted to thank you for organising such an enjoyable concert on Sunday. It was a pleasure to see the children enjoying performing so much and gaining such confidence from the audience's encouragement. It's already made [my children] more enthusiastic about doing their piano practice!" - Mrs D. 


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