Prospective Tutors

How would you like to be a part of Roundhay Music? It's where we encourage imaginative ideas. It's about motivating students and arranging tuition around the busy lives of playing professionals.

If you are interested in giving lessons for Roundhay Music in and around Leeds, do get in touch with us by sending your CV (see contact page). Once you have been interviewed, DBS checked and appointed, we can pass you one or two pupils or gradually build up to whatever number of students / lessons you require, depending on the popularity of your particular instrument.

The majority of teaching is after school but there is often daytime work tutoring adult students and teaching in schools or for colleges when posts arise.

You will have an opportunity of helping at students' concerts and assisting your pupils to learn stage presence, the art of performing and communicating to an audience.

There may be a chance to run ensembles or job share with another tutor already running a group for Roundhay Music. When we know your particular strengths we can arrange tuition accordingly. If you are a piano tutor and enjoy accompanying, there are many occasions where you could assist us. Exam periods and concert times are always busy and we welcome accompanists to share the work involved.

Above all we encourage frequent communication about the students from tutors and we are always here to assist and support you.



To send a CV, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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