Ensembles / Workshops

There are many chamber groups and ensembles organised for the students depending on requests and the need for further development of students' musicality.

For example, recent concerts have featured our youth jazz band, woodwind ensemble, string groups, recorder consorts, oboe trios, flute ensembles, brass ensembles, children’s choir and there are many more ensembles keen to perform at our concerts in the near future.

We also run a number of workshops for our students throughout the year. Recently, these have included reed making (e.g. clarinet, oboe), guitar workshops, jazz improvisation workshops and also a GCSE composition workshop.



"I very much appreciated your invitation to attend the 'Reed Day'. It was most enjoyable and illuminating. The intense interest and joyfulness exhibited by the young children must have been gratifying. I was most impressed by your care and dedication..." - Mr M.-H.



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