In-school / College Tuition

Roundhay Music is increasingly called upon to supply music tuition in schools and colleges around Leeds and is helping to set up music departments in primary schools.

The tuition is geared to the school's specific needs after consultation with head teachers, heads of music or music co-ordinators. School policies such as report writing and scheduling are all co-ordinated with the schools administration.

There are many activities on offer in addition to instrumental lessons and classroom teaching. These include music clubs for groups such as bands or recorder ensembles and recently more schools around Leeds are requiring orchestras to be set up and tutored. Choirs and singing groups are becoming more popular and there are many skilled tutors at Roundhay Music that can make the sessions full of fun as well as developing the children's musicality.

On request, we can organise demonstrations, displays and workshops customised to the school's requirements and budget. These provide an introduction to any musical instrument, with opportunities for children to hear them in a solo and ensemble context, and a chance for those who are keen to try playing them.

University students often need extra tuition for their finals or for a second instrument and Roundhay Music is often called upon for this service.

We keep up to date with funding details for purchasing musical instruments to help the individual students or their schools. Participation in local events and music festivals around Leeds are encouraged and school pupils are invited to the regular concerts each term at Roundhay Music.



"Could you pass on to all the tutors my sincere thanks for all they did for our pupils to be able to perform last week. The concert was a huge success and I have had much positive feedback from parents" - Headteacher

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